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Eat your way along Sherbrooke in Westmount

July 2012

To continue on our hungry way along Sherbrooke in N.D.G./Westmount to my favourite outdoor eateries, let’s begin with Yuki, a Japanese bakery and café with everything from take-out bento boxes to glorious layer cakes that look so splendid they would do nicely for a wedding!

On their website, they offer to create your “dream cake” for a special occasion.

My favorite product here is, strangely enough, the rye bread, which I consider to be the best I’ve ever tasted. Who ever thought the Japanese could perfect rye bread? Only in Montreal.

My other favourite is the lime pound cake, a perfect concoction of sweet and sour that I often bring to a dinner as a main dessert. If they’re out of it, the blueberry pound cake with lemon icing is a close second. I’m afraid to bring either of them home to our empty nest, so I only buy them when I’m invited for dinner.

Hank Teav’s bakery, Yuki, offers the best rye bread in town, plus desserts to die for, Barbara Moser says. Photo: Barbara Moser

There are only a couple of tables outside and fewer inside but it’s a restful place to park yourself for a coffee and scone with lemon icing.

5211 Sherbrooke. 514-482-2435.

Starbuck’s at the corner of Claremont is a great place to cool off during hot days. If you’re a dog person, you can join others at umbrella-covered tables outside. It’s a busy corner with American Apparel next door and the 24 bus stop in front, but it’s hard to find a better cold coffee drink. I love their little tidbit scones and cupcakes. You can almost believe you’re only having a bite.

4943 Sherbrooke. 514-904-0178.

I have to say I still love Dairy Queen, even though there are many fancier ice cream shops in Westmount. There’s nothing like the chocolate dip soft vanilla cone on a hot day. Of course you have to share your outdoor space with lots of kids and dogs, but hey, isn’t that what summer is all about?

What a great place to take the younger set for a special blizzard or a “baby cone,” as I always call them when I order the child’s size for myself.

4890 Sherbrooke. 514-485-6583.



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