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It’s Mom’s turn. Time to step up, step out and give her a hand

May 2012

Women head most single-parent families in Quebec.

Those who have a hard time making ends meet can always come to Sun Youth to receive emergency assistance through the organization’s food and clothing banks, or many other services.

Beyond material assistance, Sun Youth offers a program to give single mothers a break during the summer.

It’s called “It’s Moms’ Turn” and it was made possible in 2010 thanks to the financial support of the Foundation of Greater Montreal. For one week, young mothers and their children can enjoy the facilities of the Sun Youth Summer Camp and a host of fun and educational activities. The camp provides respite for young mothers and gives them the opportunity to develop friendships with other women in similar situations.

A Sun Youth summer program is designed for young mothers and their children. Photo courtesy of Sun Youth

Their children also make new friends and participate in a ton of activities at an enchanting site with swimming, fishing, canoeing and other outdoor and indoor sports. They explore nature and take arts and crafts workshops.

Activities for moms include computer workshops, creative writing and role-playing related to being single mothers, providing them with useful tools for their everyday lives. There are also Halloween or Christmas in Summer theme days.

Contact Sun Youth camp director Johanne Saltarelli at 514-842-6822 or

From birth to the grave and beyond, a mother’s love is always there. While cleaning out my basement recently, I found a beloved rocking chair that was given to me and that I used while nursing.

I recalled a younger, thinner me feeding our first baby multiple times through the nights and days, rocking him and in due course, this was the scene with our second baby. As they grew, I read to them while each sat on my knee in the rocking chair.

Juxtapose those thoughts with the famous image of golfer Bubba Watson: He’s in his mid-30s, crying in his mother’s arms. He experienced an outpouring of mixed emotions, of elation at having won the Augusta Masters, sadness at having recently lost his dad, and probably relief and joy, having received word of the success of the adoption of a first child.

Flash forward to today’s young single mother, whom I’ll call Joanne. She is bringing up a young son while on welfare. Her spirits are down—she has lost her job and is short in supplies. She sleeps on a sofa. Joanne wants to do well and is articulate, but the boy isn’t concentrating in class and shows lack of interest in school.

The foundation’s mission is to help people of all ages, but particularly children. On referral from a school social worker, we will help with food and whatever else is on hand. If you would like to help us feed a hungry child and/or sponsor a child for a two-week stay at a summer camp—a respite for parents and children, call 514-933-8585.

Kids Love Camp Breakfast is on May 25, 6:30-10 am. La Stanza Buffet, 6878 Jean Talon E. $10.



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