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Charity often starts with friendships

April 2012

After her husband’s passing, a friend of 30 years left Montreal to join her sister and sister’s family. Her son stayed in Montreal, having established friends and a promising career.

My friend calls when she comes to town and although our friendship is no longer predominant in our lives, we arrange to have dinner together each time she comes to Montreal and call each other from time to time. We are reminded of the good times we had with our families.

Another good friendship developed during high school, but we were distant for a long time when we found our Prince Charmings and moved in separate circles. Our friendship is periodically renewed and is equally important although we both do not have a lot of free time. Each summer my husband and I attend a reunion to catch up with school chums.

Family and friends are important assets. We must do all we can to cherish them. We have made many friends through Generations Foundation, with whom we connect as often as possible.

Natalie Bercovici (second from left) with her school chums at a recent reunion. Photo courtesy of Natalie Bercovici

I have named Trails End Camp and Amy Molson Camp “diamonds in the rough.” At summer camp in the country, children can forget their troubles and can be children while at the same time they learn, face new challenges and make new friends. The friends they already have can share fun times together at the same camp.

Summer camp can cement relationships; it becomes a home away from home. Friends are made naturally and with ease while building kinship.

Memories are born at camp, which children carry throughout their lives.

If you would like to help feed a hungry child in the next few months or send a child to summer camp in July and August, call to join us at the Scotiabank Charity Challenge April 29 for the five-kilometre walk or 21-km run. Reserve early for Same Time Next Year, Generations Foundation’s theatre evening, May 2. 514-933-8585

Friends are very important to Sun Youth. The organization wouldn’t exist if not for a group of friends who, in 1954, decided to create their own community group to keep themselves busy and out of trouble. Since then, Sun Youth has grown to what it is today thanks to the precious help of its many friends, donors and volunteers.

Sun Youth rewards friends for their loyalty. Such a friend is Lyle McGuigan, an 80-year-old man who has been volunteering at Sun Youth for more than 30 years. His wish was to see the Montreal Canadiens play. Thanks to a donor who graciously gave tickets and the help of a volunteer to accompany him, Lyle saw the Habs in action against the Toronto Maple Leafs March 3.

Although the Canadiens didn’t win, Lyle very much enjoyed the game and tour of the Bell Centre.

“They took very good care of me and we had very nice seats,” Lyle said. “After the game, they took me home and I slept like a baby!”

If you have tickets for an event and can’t use them, why not give them to Sun Youth? 514-842-6822.

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