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Something special for new moms

March 2012

Since the early 1990s, Sun Youth has been assisting pregnant women with a program designed especially for them.

Sun Youth’s Stéphanie Rocheleau with some of the accessories given to pregnant women by the organization. Photo: Nicolas Carpentier

The assistance is provided for the duration of their pregnancy and for three months after the child is born. In the weeks preceding the child’s delivery, women are invited to choose baby clothes and such items as cribs and car seats. Once the child is born, the food supplement is augmented with formula, baby food and cereal. Diapers, baby powder and wet wipes are offered when possible.

Sun Youth is in constant need of baby products. Donations can be dropped off at the organization’s headquarters, 4251 St. Urbain. Sun Youth is also looking for new or gently used baby accessories to give to the many mothers using its services.

The organization assists more than 100 pregnant women and their families each month.

To benefit, mothers-to-be need to produce medical proof of their condition and undergo a brief financial evaluation, after which they are issued a membership card.




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