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Chez Cora reminds us why we love going for brunch

December 2011

The weekend brunch is becoming part of our way of life, and we saw clearly why on a recent Sunday when we sampled the offerings at Chez Cora on St. Jacques W. near Montreal West.

Set back from the road by a large parking lot, just opposite a Loblaw’s, there is a marked contrast between the restaurant’s unprepossessing façade and the quality of the food.

About 25 customers were in line when we arrived and it took 12 minutes before we got a table, but we soon found out why it was so popular.

This Chez Cora specializes in gourmet breakfasts—omelets, pancakes and French toast—bottomless coffee and lots of fresh fruit to add healthy decoration to each plate.

The place was filled with eager clients of all ages, devouring their food with gusto as they engaged in animated conversations. The vibe was great, the service was polite, friendly and patient.

Our waiter offered fruit cocktails ($3.25), which Barbara accepted—a delicious cranberry, strawberry and peach smoothie, with no yogurt or milk, that is a great alternative to plain orange juice.

Ruth, an experienced cook with an unerring eye for the healthy alternative, ordered the spinach and cheddar crêpe ($9.95), which gained her full-fledged approval. Eva required no coaxing as she savoured every last morsel of her raspberry crêpe ($10.75), including a raspberry, honey and English cream coulis. Pure maple syrup (50 cents) added another level of sweetness.

Barbara ordered a strawberry waffle with custard ($10.25) —crusty on the bottom and soft on top—that was topped with a generous amount of very fresh strawberries.

Given my need to avoid cholesterol, I chose the fruit plate with Swiss cheese and rye toast ($11.45), which was colourful, varied and filling. When I asked for crisper toast than that served, the waiter eagerly complied.

I walked past the open kitchen and understood the secret of the speedy service—half a dozen busy cooks preparing food for efficient waiters.

All in all, a first-class dining experience. When we left at 1:30pm, another dozen people were lined up to get a table, proof, if any were needed, that the word is out that this is a great spot for all-day weekend brunch.

There is also a luncheon special offered during the week ($7.45-$12.45), with an early bird special for guests who arrive before 8 am. ($3.95-$5.45).

Chez Cora, 6685 St. Jacques W. 514-369-0733. It is wheelchair accessible.



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