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Turn, turn, turn. For everything there is a season – 25 years of seasons

October 2011

The Generations Foundation is a “bridge” to all seasons.

Throughout the fall, winter and spring months, our food programs infuse schoolchildren with nutrition that enables better learning. Our camp sponsorship throughout the summer ensures that children receive social stimulation and challenges in a healthy environment. Children carry forward their new skills, building their foundation to the future. With our laptop computers to pique their interest and motivate, students work with confidence on their projects at home and in the classroom.

La Stanza will host a breakfast event this fall. Photo courtesy of Generations Foundation

Angela at Laurier Senior High School and Michael at Lindsay Place are two of the professionals who know first-hand that students who eat well are receptive to learning. New schools are on board to fuel the minds of the young with fruits, vegetables, whole grain, protein and dairy products. They enlist us daily to help provide breakfast, the most important meal of the day, lunch to carry a student forward and snacks for a quick energy boost to fill the gap until dinner. Invest in children. They are the future.

Our first La Stanza Buffet Breakfast event began in 1999 and we continue to celebrate children with our 25th breakfast event on November 25. We thank La Stanza for their generosity and partnership throughout the years and thank St. Viateur Bagel for their generosity with nine years of Back to School Bagel-O-Thon Breakfasts. Congratulations to The Senior Times for 25 years of excellence. Thanks for your friendship through the years. 514-933-8585,



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