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Remembering THE TIMES

October 2011

Gloria Beigleman’s grandson Earl was in my Communications class at Dawson and turned out to be one of my most successful students. One day I asked Earl if he knew anyone who would like to sell ads for us. I was thinking of students. He answered immediately: His grandma, Gloria. Gloria had been a teacher and came to us with her gusto and incredible sensitivity to our personal problems. Of course, her advertisers know that you can’t say no to Gloria B.

I met Shirley Cohen in a Creative Writing class I was teaching at the Creative Social Centre in 1994. Shirley had been working at the Canadian Jewish News on collections and I asked her if she wanted to try her hand selling ads. Shirley is the longest-standing member of our sales team. She combines sweetness and feistiness with good humour and humility. The Liberals know that Shirley will keep them adorning the pages of The Senior Times for a long time to come.

Amy, Molly, Barbara and Zaida (William Levit)

Kristine Berey was introduced to me through my Dawson colleague Louise Arsenault about 10 years ago. Kristine wanted to write for me and we’ve never looked back. Kristine is one of the most talented writers to grace these pages. Her knowledge, sincerity, compassion for the underdog and advocacy for seniors of all ages makes The Senior Times what it is today. Thank you, Kristine for your devotion, integrity, talent and heartfelt writing on the issues that manifest our Times.

I met Sandra Schachter through her daughter Sharonne, who taught with me at Dawson. Sandra had just returned to Montreal after living in Israel for 30 years to be with her mother. Sandra began as a copy editor and sales rep and has been a loyal and beloved member of our team. She is loved by her advertisng contacts as a calm, knowledgable, helpful professional.

I met Albert Cormier at La Scena Musicale, Wah Keung Chan’s masterful music monthly. After years of climbing the stairs and bringing the entire staff over to Wah Keung’s for production on Waverly, I finally got the courage to do production at our Décarie offices and that’s when Albert joined our team as our sole graphic designer and changed my life and the life of The Senior Times forever.

Albert is a one-of-a-kind guy, dedicated, gifted in his work, and a friend whose company I have enjoyed on our tours of Saturday morning garage sales and our joint adventure in Havana in March. For my 60th birthday, Albert gave me the most beautiful birthday present I have ever received—a painting of my dog Becky, who died four years ago. He had it commissioned by a famous Canadian pet artist. He also gave me a beautiful mosaic of The Senior Times for my birthday last year, which he worked on every day at home after surviving a heart attack a year and a half ago. Albert managed to come back to us, missing only one issue of The Times.

Visiting Sid Stevens and Manny Perez at Sun Youth with my twin uncles Frank (L) and Willy (R) circa 1990

A mon frère, Albert, merci pour tout ton travail et dévouement!

Jodie Alter is our newest edition to our sales force and a force she is. When Jodie gets on the phone speaking French as quickly as she does English, you know you’re going to be in The Senior Times, come hell or high water. Jodie has been through health issues and a bar mitzvah but continues to persevere, and … she looks like a model when she struts her stuff at The Senior Times.

Irwin Block came into my life in 1995 when he joined a Secular Humanist group I was running called JHUST. In the 16 years we have been an item, he has contributed his writing talents, his ideas, and his knowledge on the issues, in particular politics, to The Senior Times. He has been my “bridge over troubled waters,” my anchor, my friend, my traveling companion, and the love of my life. Thanks, Irwin, for contributing all that is you to these pages and to my life.

To Adrian Bercovici of Generations Foundation and Sid Stevens of Sun Youth, thanks for the long and fruitful partnership we have enjoyed for more than 20 years.

It has been my privilege to be associated with two of the finest Montrealers of our Times, generous, perseverant, courageous individuals who have changed the lives of Montrealers and who have proved time and time again that one person can change the world—one step at a time.



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