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An officer and a gentle lady starts a new life in retirement

September 2011

Last month, Sun Youth Bike Patrollers organized a barbecue to celebrate the end of the 2011 Bike Patrol Season.

Officer Josée Bellemare will retire next year. Photo: Nicolas Carpentier

Also celebrated was the outstanding contribution of Josée Bellemare, a community relations officer. Bellemare will retire from the force next year after almost 29 years of loyal service. Over the years, she has been a true partner of Sun Youth and was always there to lend a hand at various community events—she is a real inspiration.

What Bellemare likes the most about her job (and what she will miss the most once she retires) is the contact with the public. She is a link between Sun Youth and women, newly arrived immigrants, people with mental disabilities and senior citizens who need assistance.

“When people call the police, it’s not because it’s going well, she says, it’s because they have a problem.”

“It was a pleasure working with Josée on many different projects”, said Helio Galego, director of Sun Youth’s Crime Prevention and Victim Services. “I appreciated her great professionalism and the love and support for our organization.”

Sun Youth would like to wish her happy retirement and all the best for the future.


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