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Kind words offer inspiration year after year

September 2011

Inspiration exists throughout our lives. We are born with a family to inspire us and as we grow up, a multitude of people enter our lives to teach and motivate us.

Generations Foundation reaches out daily to engage and inspire children and their families.

With the support of generous donors and volunteers, we provide breakfast, snacks and hot meals at no cost in schools. We support summer sleepaway camps and their staff to inspire hundreds of children; we are laying the cornerstone of happy and productive children!

Mona, a graduate of Nesbitt School, writes: “My parents are so very proud of my achievements, including your Citizenship & Community Award of a laptop, which will help me so much with my homework and grades in the coming years to learn math, English and French.”

Beatrice, a graduate of Dalkeith School, wrote: “I would like to thank Generations from the bottom of my heart for this great gift and hope that later on in life, I too may contribute in giving a young student a sense of awareness and social responsibility.”

As the school year approaches, I recall a remark by Mr. Logan, who taught Adrian Bercovici, the executive director of Generations Foundation, mathematics many years ago.

He was deeply saddened at the loss of his father.

Adrian asked him, Why are you here to teach this evening?

Mr. Logan replied: “There is nothing I can do for my father now, but there is a lot I can do for you.”

We are inspired by the dedication and caring of others and continue to share in this tradition. , 514-933-8585.



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