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Charities do their part for the health of people and the Earth

July 2011

It is more widely acknowledged than ever before that the environ- ment factor dramatically affects an individual’s outcome in life.

Generations Foundation’s Citizenship and Community Awards of laptop computers in June for elementary students and in March for high-school students are tools to help promote education.

A stay of two weeks at summer camp in the country will alter a child’s life. Ninety-five per cent of these campers live below the poverty line. Many live in foster homes. Impoverished parents often stay the course even though they themselves have experienced unfavourable childhoods.

A two-week stay at summer camp can alter a child’s life. Photo courtesy of Generations Foundation

Generations Foundation provides an excellent opportunity for children to develop self-esteem and autonomy at country camp. Camp promotes co-operation and encourages teamwork through sports and games. Campers learn nature lore, skills in hebertism (tree-top obstacle courses and adventures) and archery.

Programs encourage expression through such arts and crafts as pottery. We are excited about our art contest throughout the summer at Camp Amy Molson and Trail’s End Camp. Winners receive prizes for their artwork in various categories.

Society ultimately benefits from proactive learning for children at a tender, young age.

As “grandma” and “grandpa” to thousands of underprivileged children, Adrian and I enthusiastically support the summer camp experience for children.

Info: 514-933-8585.

June 11 was a very special day for Sun Youth – the fifth annual recycled bike distribution, in collaboration with Houle Toyota Scion.

Michel Houle started the program in 2006 because he wanted to give back to the community and allow underprivileged families to get a chance to enjoy one of summer’s most popular activities: riding a bicycle.

A fleet of bikes await new homes, part of Recyc-Vélo. Photo: Nicolas Carpentier

More than 2,100 bicycles have been donated to families in need through Recyc-Vélo. The bikes are collected from the public in November, then geared up during the winter by the participants of a social reintegration program run by SOS Vélo. More than 500 bikes were reconditioned this year.

A new partner that came onboard this year is Fondation Bon Départ (Canadian Tire Jumpstart). They donated 300 bike helmets.

“It is also a concrete gesture in terms of environment and health. With the ever-increasing gas prices, I’m sure we will see a lot of parents trading their car for a bicycle to go for a stroll with their children,” says Tommy Kulczyk, assistant to the executive vice-president and director of Sun Youth’s emergency services.

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