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The changing of the guard

July 2011

After a long and contemplative period, I have made the decision to retire as executive director at Share the Warmth.

Over the past 22 years, Share the Warmth has built a strong foundation with excellent people in charge, a committed board of directors and talented and enthusiastic teams of volunteers.

It seems like yesterday when Share the Warmth was launched and we were ambitiously driven to collect clothing and food for the homeless. Today we are a multi-faceted organization with programs in schools, with youth and in the community. I am proud to say that although we have an annual budget near a million dollars, we still maintain a grass-roots flavour and a heart that beats with a constant newness.

Fiona Crossling, associate director, will become the new executive director. Fiona brings to this position many special gifts, like her strong sense of responsibility, her ability to make intelligent choices, her excellent organizational and bilingual skills, and her compassionate heart.

Fiona has used her endless abilities to find the necessary solutions to bring positive change to the organization.

I have known many of you from the beginning, when we were on Sherbrooke, then Guy, then Rushbrooke. In those days, we were planting our roots and hoping to fill the gaps in the community. Some of you are newer friends who, we hope, will stay with us for years to come.

You have all contributed to making Share the Warmth a safe and welcoming environment. With your contributions, the organization will continue to work with youngsters and adults to “awaken hopes and dreams by overcoming hunger and poverty.”

The body, mind and spirit will be given the tools needed for each to grow healthy and to make positive choices for themselves and their families. At Share the Warmth, we know how to encourage others into healthy independence. Thank you all for touching my life as you partnered with Share the Warmth in bringing so much to the community.

I will be leaving this position shortly after our annual meeting, September 20. This meeting is an open meeting as well as a tribute to volunteers. You are all welcome. Although I am heavy hearted, I carry great joy in knowing what Share the Warmth has accomplished and will continue to accomplish. I will always be available for Share the Warmth.

Share the Warmth is part of me and always will be. Thank you for your support and for giving me the opportunity to serve this wonderful organization.

Sincerely, Judy Stevens



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