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Blog no. 5

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We spent a restful and wistful two last days in Paros sipping iced tea outside the Hotel Paros with owner/friends Jenny, Tassos, Vassili and Pellagina. We took a boat to Antiparos for the day, the little island 1/2 hour from Paros which was even more peaceful than Paros if you can imagine that. We had simple but wonderful souvlakis with fries inside and ended our lunch with homemade ice cream. We boarded a ferry to Syros, two hours, and spent two hours on the Syros port at our favorite coffee shop where we had our favorite heated chocolate melt in your mouth cake (one piece for two of us, don't tsk tsk) and then embarked on the Blue Star Ferry at 11 pm headed for Kos. 

We had booked a cabin even though we had to disembark at 3:30 am but it was worth it to feel the gentle rocking of the boat as I fell asleep reading The Yiddish Policeman's Union by Michael Chabon, Yiddish lovers will love it....maybe. We were awakened at 3am and made our way off the boat in Kos to the sound of hundreds of drunken brawling kids having to carry one another back to their hotels. We had booked the Fastasia Apartment Hotel and had the address which was supposed to be not far from the port. We asked for the street and were directed, unfortunately in the wrong direction, so we ended up walking approximately 5 kilometers in a kind of circle or square, exhausted, asking for this Fantasia Hotel which we were beginning to believe was a real fantasia. Finally we found it, no one at reception, only a telephone no. which we called. First time we haven't met our hosts. The key was stashed on the outside of the window of the bathroom. We slept and slept, woke up at noon and we were are sitting in the Old City at Chocolat Bakery Cafe, one and the same the we visited 3 years ago when we took our Easy Cruise. Tomorrow we hop a boat for Bodrum, Turkey, to revisit our favorite shoe store etc. there in the Old City. Pictures to come. Love, Barbara and Irwin   



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