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You know what it’s like on vacation – hair today, gone tomorrow

June 2011

I just discovered something so clever that I can’t believe I never thought of it.

When some smart women go on vacation, they take a wig along. That way they can swim, ski or mud wrestle, and never have to worry about their hair. At night, as you would do with a hat, just throw a wig over your wrecked hair. When traveling, no one at your destination knows what your hair looked like at home, so you can have some fun with something you might have been afraid to try out otherwise.

According to Peter Haywood, owner of Maison de Beauté Doreen, women are buying wigs in multiples and wearing them like accessories. Also, these wigs can be a funkier hairdo or colour than you might ever have done to your own hair.

Haywood says: “They can change one every day, have a different look every day.” He sees women buying colours and styles for their moods – curls, streaks, and even trying to see if blondes really have more fun.

His store caters to the special beauty needs of the black community, but anyone and everyone comes in for the deals on wigs: $29.99 to $79.99. The synthetic designs are all by Sensationnel, Marie Danielle and Kalore; there are wigs, hair extensions, weaves, ponytails and hairpieces. If you don’t see what you want, you can look through the catalogue and they will order it for you.

6875 Victoria Ave., 514-737-6862.

Wig-making has come a long way since the 18th century. Photo: Utagawa Kuniyoshi, 1798 - 1861

Wigs can cost as little as $29.99 or can be custom-styled for $450 or more for a made-to-measure one. Styling is accompanied by lots of pampering and hand-holding to make sure it’s right.

Wigs really look less like wigs these days. They sport a monofilament base, which is see-through and breathable, comfortable and makes it appear as if the wig hairs are coming from your own scalp.

It is also hard to tell the difference between synthetic and real-hair wigs.

Synthetic hair is very easy to care for – wash and wear, as they say. The styles are set forever, so you don’t have to worry about the rain or hat head.

Real hair is, well, real hair. If it gets wet, you’re off to the wig salon for a restyling. You can blow it dry like real hair, which you shouldn’t do with a synthetic wig.

If you wear your wig every day, then it should go in for a wash and set every four to six weeks. Synthetic wigs need washing and setting every three to four weeks. Traveling or extreme heat may cause your wig to need washing more often. Don’t be afraid to play with your wig – frequent brushing is encouraged.

Orly’s Creations is a friendly neighbourhood wig shop. Each customer is seen by appointment to help them find the right hair replacement solution. Orly’s Creations has the experience and sensitivity to deal with all types of wig customers, such as those with hair loss, alopecia, women undergoing chemotherapy and for religious attire.

Most popular are the fine European wigs in the latest styles and colours. Their range includes multi-directional skin-top wigs, full wigs, band falls, hat falls and pre-cut wigs. Besides the wigs and falls, there is a huge selection of pre-tied bandannas, silk scarves, Israeli and Indian turbans and headbands.

6781 Darlington, 514-733-6388.

Chateau Capillaire has been in business here and in the U.S. since 1983 and spends a lot of time pampering their clients (women and men) and making sure they are happy with their wigs, hairpieces or hair extensions. They ensure that you know how to care for them and keep them in good condition. You can bring them in for service, which includes washing, restyling, recolouring, adding hair and perhaps recutting.

You can choose a wig for its durability or its delicacy. Wigs are made of good quality European, Indian and Remy hair. For custom-made wigs and hair additions, an exact mold of your head is taken to ensure a perfect fit. They also design vacuum hair prostheses for alopecia clients, and carry such brands as Henry Margu, Raquel Welch, Jaquelyn and many others, or if you have a preference they can order a specific one from their suppliers across North America.

Consultations (free by appointment) are professional and private, and time is taken to inform you about your needs and options. Cancer patients get especially tender care. 1650 de Maisonneuve, Suite 304. 514-939-2243.



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