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The dad who has everything is a myth

June 2011

Is your cupboard overflowing with World’s Greatest Dad mugs? Is the closet tangled with ties? What do you get the father who has everything?

If Dad’s the cloak and dagger type, Spytronic at 2106 Rachel E. is the place for you. Full of professional-grade security equipment, it’s a spymaster’s dream, with infrared cameras and other hardware.

Is Dad Indiana Jones at heart? Get him a hand- held GPS (or GPS-enabled smartphone) and point him toward A blend of hiking and treasure hunting, members post co-ordinates and hints online.

You can search by city or postal code to find caches in a specific location. Graded by difficulty, some are virtual—interesting views or objects (the cross on Mount Royal, a statue in a park)—others are hidden vessels containing all sorts of bits and bobs (a peanut butter jar with coins or Tupperware container with dollar store toys).

Geocaching is a treasure-hunting game Dad and Grandpa can play alone or with the whole family. Photo: Solitude, Wikimedia Commons

Most geocaches have a logbook to sign. Remember to bring something small to exchange and to adhere to the “Leave No Trace” philosophy—no trash or other signs of human presence. The Source ( ) is a goldmine of gadgets and toys—handheld games, rockets, mini-watercoolers and so much more.

Is Dad still holding onto that vinyl collection? Pick up a turntable that connects to your computer. He can listen to those golden oldies or convert them into files that can be played on an iPod or other device with all the nostalgic scratches and pops that are missing from modern CDs.

If you have a hobbyist to shop for, you might want to spend some time wandering the labyrinth that is Udisco at 4660 Décarie. A warehouse of wonders, they carry just about anything model- related. From boats to planes to trains—remote controlled or not—you’ll be sure to find something amazing.

It’s the age of the geek and if Dad’s into that sort of thing, then you can’t go wrong with Motivo (251 St. Zotique) or Both feature zany gifts with a geeky twist. Whether it’s the Ultimate Pocket Protector, mustache Band-Aids, bacon soap or tablets that dissolve in water and give you a fizzy, cupcake-flavoured drink. Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21.



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