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Let them eat éclairs!

April, 2011

Walking into Pekarna, a café at the Pepsi Forum, a sense of calm set in as I took my seat near the array of mouth-watering desserts.

From the range of cakes to the sinfully delicious looking cookies, my decision was a difficult one. Finally, I chose an éclair and a divine apple turnover.

The éclair ($2.47) had a nice, spongy consistency. When combined with fluffy whipped cream within and the slightly bitter dark chocolate on the top, it’s impossible to stop yourself from consuming the whole thing in one minute flat. The turnover($2.07) had a deep golden colour, from the baked sugar on top. The scrumptious danish had a light flaky texture that was a good base for the tangy apples. Sweet and tart played with my taste buds in the most delightful way.

I finished my last delicious bite of apple turnover, the gentle voice of John Mayor in the background, and I thought, what a relaxing way to spend my afternoon.



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