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Get crafty to keep grandkids busy

April, 2011

If you have the little ones visiting for Passover or Easter and have run out of things to do, the answer to your prayers is

Melani Litwack’s virtual pal Jillybelle is always dressed to the nines. Photo:

All you need are a few basic supplies and a printer and you’ll have hours of fun. My favourite crafts feature the “Friends”—adorable, easy to cut out paper dolls for just about any theme you can think of. The site also has a web store in case you want to stock up on supplies from the comfort of home.

My guilty little secret: features virtual pets that you create, name, customize and care for.

You earn points by playing games and use those points to buy items on the site. We won’t discuss how many hours a week I spend playing on this site. In recent years, they added the NC Mall—a place where you use real money to buy clothes and other objects for your pet, but you can still have loads of fun without spending a dime.

Your printer doesn’t have to be a Canon to visit the Creative Park at Most of the projects are pretty complex but well worth the time (and ink). The papercrafts section is a personal favourite but there are also cards, calendars and a variety of photo projects.


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