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Bike Man wants to know about the young heroes in your neighbourhood

March, 2011

The negative image of youth often portrayed through the media is usually the result of the actions of a handful of these young people.

At Sun Youth, we strongly believe there are a lot of good deeds performed by youth everyday that go unnoticed, so does an anonymous donor known only as Bike Man or Mr. Spokes. Twenty-seven years ago, he approached Sun Youth to see how he could help highlight the positive contribution of children to our society. From his childhood in a very modest immigrant family, he remembered the joy he felt when he received his first bicycle after waiting many years for it. It wasn't a new bike by any means but at least, it was his own.

These bikes need homes. Nominate a deserving kid before March 31 Photo: Nicolas Carpentier

Several years later, now a successful businessman (with enough money to buy the bicycle factory if he wanted to), he thought that his birthday would be the perfect opportunity to show the world exceptional youths who could be role models for their peers. For him, what better way to reward these amazing children than with a brand new bicycle, especially as his own birthday is in the spring. What do you give someone who has everything? The smile on their faces when presented with a new bike would be the perfect birthday gift for him.

With spring approaching, Sun Youth is looking for the perfect birthday gift for Bike Man: deserving candidates between the ages of 2 and 17 years old to be rewarded with a brand new bicycle, safety helmet and bike lock. The organization is looking for children whose actions have had a positive effect on their community or young people who have shown extraordinary courage when facing exceptional circumstances. This call is open to everyone, grandparents, teachers, sports coaches, etc. Sun Youth would like to receive, in writing, the following information: the name of the young person, their age, a little family background and the reason you feel they merit a new bike. Sun Youth needs your name and telephone number so they can contact you for further information. They also need the name and phone number of someone else who knows the child and can provide additional information if needed.

2010 was a record year for Sun Youth: 250 requests were received by the Sun Youth Bicycle Committee. Each of the 83 selected children had a different story. Some saved lives. Some helped others at school or organized projects to help protect the environment. Others did volunteers work with seniors in their community. Over the last 26 years, Mr. Spokes has allowed Sun Youth to distribute more than 1,000 new bikes. Help us make Bike Man's 86th birthday his best ever: Send in the stories of your young heroes.

Send submissions to: Sun Youth - Bicycle Committee, 4251 St. Urbain, Montreal, QC. H2W 1V6, fax (514) 842-5241 or email Names of candidates can be submitted no later than March 31, 2011. No candidates will be considered after that date.

There is an application form at under the Events tab. The bicycles will be handed out at a special ceremony in June.



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