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Warm smiles, kind words go a long way – so do gifts to schoolchildren

December, 2010

Driving on our city streets is a daily reminder of life’s peaks and valleys. Life can be grand, tragic, with or without worries or constantly troublesome. Many courageous people with life-threatening illnesses must reach into their very being to find hope and justice.

There are the lonely and the depressed, destitute and desperate who, through no fault of their own, face enormous challenges. Our hearts go out to them. Bravo to those who take time out to help many in despair or those going through hard times. The holidays can be the opposite if we seek meaning in what we do and care about others. Family and friends bring comfort in our daily lives. There is no substitute for “food for the soul”: a warm smile, kind words, a hug and perhaps the warmth and glow of festival lights.

Face of charity: Generations Foundation thanks those who make a difference. Photo courtesy Generations Foundation

A gift to a child sparks happiness. Generations Foundation is abuzz with activities to bring thousands of children nourishment and joy. Gifts are lovingly wrapped and labelled by volunteers. Turkey dinner will be served to seniors and holiday breakfast and lunch for schoolchildren. Our regular breakfast, lunch and snack programs, along with after-school homework help, fitness and cooking, continue. Our driver and volunteers will deliver food baskets with turkeys along with new toys to families in time for the holidays.

Adrian Bercovici and I, and the board of directors, want to express our appreciation and thank everyone who helped Generations Foundation to reach the milestone of our 11th year. With your support, we’ll continue the spirit of caring and sharing well beyond the holiday season.

Happy Holidays everyone. May your struggles be few and your joy everlasting.



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