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Follow your nose to soulful, charcoal-oven-baked chicken

November, 2010

The alluring scent fills the nostrils from three blocks away, conjuring comfort food that really hits the spot. Chalet Bar-B-Q does chicken right, and the aroma is the first sign.

The landmark restaurant on Sherbrooke near Décarie has been around since 1944, way before the expressway opened in 1967. Nowadays, the highway delivers BBQ chicken fans from all over to the eatery with the fiery sign, all-wood decor, cozy booths and waitresses who know just what you want.

The restaurant keeps it simple with chicken as the only meat on the menu. And it helps to arrive with an empty stomach. Chalet Bar-B-Q uses hardwood charcoal ovens to make its chicken with golden, slightly crispy skin on the outside and tender meat inside. It makes you want to gobble it right up — but take your time. There’s no rush.

I recommend a bowl of chicken soup to start, and the Chalet makes the kind that warms the soul. The Caesar salad is creamy, with tiny croutons.

But the pièce de resistance is, of course, the chicken. The restaurant cooks between 2,500 to 4,000 chickens every week, and if you come by to order takeout, you’ll get an ample view of the kitchen, with employees slicing and wrapping chickens while you wait.

Leave lots of room for the Chalet’s amazing, not-too-greasy but just-right crispy French fries. Or you could have an excellent baked potato. Either way, the food is worth lingering over. And you may just have to use your fingers even though you’re in public. It’s OK, that’s why they give you the moist towelette next to your plate. Prices are modest. An appetizer, main course and dessert will run you $15. For dessert, try the delicious carrot cake or the coconut pie. A little coffee and some good conversation and you’ve really got an iconic Notre Dame de Grâce meal under your belt.

Chalet Bar-B-Q, 5456 Sherbrooke W. 514-489-7235 Free parking at the rear of the restaurant.



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