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With a little help from our friends

September, 2010

As a result of the CIBC Children’s Miracle Day client and broker contributions, a generous donation was presented to Generations Foundation at a CSDM Gala in support of our programs for thousands of hungry and challenged children.

Our representatives were treated to a display of generosity and kindness toward children and their families.

During the summer, Generations Foundation services transform into a registration centre to sponsor needy children to Trails End and Amy Molson camps.

Camp began with cloudy, wet weather, but a hot summer settled in with bright sunshine.

The hot dogs (forbidden for school lunches), corn roasts, fire-toasted marshmallows to warm body and soul; the aromas, taste buds, the sounds of campers’ glee, the glistening lake, the heat of the sun encompassed all of the five senses. The campers’ friends, new and old, will never be forgotten and the skills learned will appreciate over time.

We accepted an invitation to visit the graduating class at Elizabeth High School, a social-affairs school of the EMSB. It is an unassuming school for teenage mothers and a nursery facilitated by EMSB educators, social workers, grandparents, volunteers and offers community services ranging from Elizabeth House Foundation, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts programs and Generations Foundation community food and service programs.

Staff and volunteers celebrate graduation day at Elizabeth high school.

The graduating students stood up with pride and accepted their well-earned graduate certificates with tears in their eyes and thankfully hugged those they hold dear. The graduation ceremony was special for all of us, those of us who were there to celebrate the fruits of our collective labour.

Generations Foundation is collecting school supplies for children in need. For more information and to arrange pick up of supplies, call us at 514-933-8585.

Enjoy breakfast at the Back to School Bagel-o-Thon at St. Viateur Bagel & Café on Monkland. Sept. 23 from 5:30 to 10 am.

A note from A.J., 14

It was a new adventure for me, finding out that I would be going to a new camp area because Trails End cabins were being renovated.

I had to sleep in tents for the first session. I was okay with it and toughed it out, but the girls not so much. I teased them about it often.

The camp was beautiful and really big. ... The lake was so clean, we could see our feet as we swam by.

A senior this year, I was granted more privileges than the normal little kid. I was able to go to bed a little later and often when we got hungry late at night, a monitor would take us for a snack in the mess hall. Those are the memories I am going to keep, snacking with the big kids. The camp monitors always kept on telling me that they loved my personality and thought that I was a lot of fun.

At the end of my six weeks at camp, they pulled me aside and brought me to the office. I could not figure out what I did wrong. All the head monitors and directors were there to greet me.

They told me that they wanted me to come back next year as a CIT (counselor in training). They think I’m gonna be a great CIT. I was sooooo happy. WOW. I’m going to be a counselor next year.

Thanks Generations and thanks Trails End. I’m looking forward to next summer!”



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