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This sandwich is a hero

Hayley Juhl

September, 2010

The star of the show at Kojax Souflaki in Dollard des Ormeaux is the yero. The recipe is top secret, but Kojax’s Mike Romagnolo lets slip a few ingredients at the diner’s counter: love, passion, 30 years of experience and Kojax’s unique spices.

The yero is drip-down-the-side-of-your-hand juicy, invading your taste buds like a benevolent conqueror. This yero will spoil you for the regular fare one expects at a franchise operation.

If meat on a stick is more your style, the chicken souflaki is equally tender and lovingly marinated. Milder-than-usual tzatziki means you can leave the resto with one peppermint rather than a handful. The Greek salad, served with the brochette or yero platter, doesn’t skimp on feta or salty olives.

The restaurant itself is unassuming and unpretentious, and patrons can choose a quiet booth at the back or sit in front, where the picture windows are left open to the breeze on nice days.

Kojax Souflaki, 3343 Sources, D.D.O. 514-421-7474. Free delivery.



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