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Too many homeless animals in Quebec

Having an animal is for life

July, 2010

Every day, thousands of animals are abandoned by careless owners, people who did not understand the responsibilities of owning a pet.

“There are too many animals here in Quebec,” said Linda, the founder of the SPCA Montérégie. “If you look at the number of animal rescues, it’s endless. I’ve been in this 22 years.”

Goldie, 450-460-3075

She explains that people keep dropping off their animals at various shelters and there are never enough people to adopt these animals.

“If we place five, we get six more. People tie them to our gate at night when we’re not here. They leave them at the side of the road.”

The problem is far from being solved. “Every year it gets worse. We can be running around trying to place these animals, but we have to stop the reproduction.”

Her suggestion is to adopt animals rather than buy them from pet stores whose dogs come from puppy mills.

“Right now were looking at the puppy-mill situation,” she said. “If they have to meet very strict standards, we can put a lot of them out of business.”

To adopt Latifah, 450-460-3075

The conditions for dogs kept in puppy mills are atrocious, she said, explaining that breeder dogs are kept in wire mesh cages for life.

She stressed that by buying animals at pet stores, people are making the problem worse.

“Stop buying dogs at pet stores. There is not one dog at 2 months old that isn’t adorable.”

A major problem with owning a pet is that people do not take into consideration how much work it is. She said that every potential pet owner should do some research before purchasing. They should think about the time commitment.

“What time do they have for this new dog? Dogs become neurotic if they are alone all day. It’s not like a cat.”

To adopt Tobby, 450-460-3075

Linda said that another situation that lands a number of animals in shelters is the move for seniors to a residence. Most residences do not allow pets. “That’s very sad. This is many times their only companion. It’s very traumatic to give up a companion that you’ve had for years.”

The SPCA Montérégie is a no-kill shelter. Funding comes from donations from public.

“When people take an animal, it should be for life.”

SPCA Monteregie: (450) 460-3075

The one she couldn’t save

Sophie’s Dog Adoptions is run solely by me, Sophie. I have been rescuing for more than 13 years, one dog at a time, and have placed more than 500.

All my dogs are sterilized and vaccinated before adoption, and all applicants to adopt are fully screened. I believe in making the right matches for each dog and each family in order to give these dogs a real second chance.

This shelter is in memory of Gigi, the one I couldn’t help.

Gigi, you will be in my heart forever, as you have touched me in a special way. You were so loving, cuddly and affectionate, you loved giving kisses and had so much life and energy in you.

You went through so much in so little time on this Earth. You are the reason I do what I do. How I wished I had been able to help you like I helped so many others, but I became powerless.

I love you, Gigi, and we will see each other again some day, I promise you. You will always be there to remind me of why I have to continue doing what I do. I am truly sorry, you will be missed. Rest in peace beautiful girl.

To adopt Bandit, 450-460-3075

The adoption process through Sophie’s Dog Adoptions consists of filling out an application form and a full screening to ensure that the dogs I place will in fact be going to good, forever homes.

These dogs have been through a lot already and don’t deserve to come back again and again.

The right family or person is out there for each dog.

The process can sometimes be longer than with other rescue groups or organizations, but adopting an animal is for life and should not be something to rush into.

Once I am satisfied that the person meets the criteria to adopt one of my dogs, then the adoption is finalized with a contract. Adopting a pet is not something to take lightly.

Toby, 450-460-3075

In my opinion, it is the same as adopting a child. Sophie’s Dog Adoptions: 514-523-5052,



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