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Former police director has a message for Montrealers: Enjoy life

July, 2010

On June 9, 2010, Sun Youth’s 34 bike patrollers were sworn in at a ceremony held in the organization’s gymnasium. Many distinguished guests attended, including Montreal Police director Yvan Delorme.

It was his last appearance at a public function before he retires in September. He was kind enough to grant me a few minutes of his time. The following excerpts from the interview have been translated from French.

What has been your path with the Montreal Police Service?

I began serving as a police officer in 1983, and have held almost all administrative and operational functions.

I was in uniform and I worked on various investigations: 23 different functions in 27 years with the Montreal Police. I did just about everything, but the highlight was being an undercover agent. I’ve infiltrated all sorts of areas, with biker gangs involved with drugs and others. Also, I was team leader for the Wolverine Squad in 1995.

Sun Youth and the SPVM have been partners for a long time. Do you think this relationship has been beneficial?

It was and will continue to be beneficial. We know Sun Youth is working on so many levels in Montreal, both in terms of crime prevention, to assist in apprehending criminals who could reoffend and victimize others. Such activities as the bike patrol, help to raise the level of security in Montreal.

Montreal Police chief Yvan Delorme is flanked by Sun Youth’s Sid Stevens (left) and Helio Galego, director of crime prevention and victim services. Photo: Nicolas Carpentier

When you retire, will you continue to be involved with the Christmas basket distribution?

Certainly! Beyond the responsibility of a director, there are the acquaintances and friends I have at Sun Youth; all good people who have their hearts in the right place. ... I will not let them down.

How will you spend your time the rest of the year?

I have many passions: aviation, sailing, motorcycle, construction, woodworking. ... I have many things to do. Traveling, taking care of my personal life, which I have overlooked in the past 27 years so I could fulfill my duties as a police officer.

I will also be able to take care of the people around me that I neglected in recent years, like my parents, who are both in their 80s. I want to take care of my parents and give them back what they gave me during my youth.

Do you have a message to seniors? It is to enjoy life. That’s what I always told my parents: Enjoy all the activities available in Montreal.

It is a safe city even if sometimes there are people who feel a sense of insecurity. The police are everywhere on the island of Montreal and in the midst of all the events, we are there to ensure that security.

When you reach a venerable age and you have worked all your life, you have to be able to enjoy this life. I am so sorry for those who deprive themselves because they feel insecure.

Enjoy life, go to restaurants, go see plays, go to festivals. Enjoy this beautiful city that is Montreal.



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