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Who wouldn’t want a chair that massages them?

June, 2010

Those of the boomer generation who are getting older and more worn out are not accepting it lightly.

Every other facet of this generation’s needs has had the retail industry scratching their heads to come up with products that make their lives more comfortable and productive.

However, these stores are for people of all ages. Who wouldn’t want a chair that could give you a free massage every night?

Does Dad have an aching back?

Family-run Boutique Tout Pour le Dos sells products for aching backs and offers lots of advice. Injuries are not always age-related – anyone can hurt themselves in a sports accident or a fall and wind up with a painful back. They sell comfy desk chairs, adjustable keyboards, massaging lounge chairs, memory foam mattresses, belts for lifting heavy objects, pocket-size footrests and seats, and exercise devices. Boutique Tout Pour le Dos, 9501 Christophe Colombe at Louvain. 514-383-1582 or 800-268-1582.

Does Dad like to watch TV in bed?

Electric beds are no longer only for bed-ridden patients. Everyone who reads or watches TV in bed would enjoy one that can, with a push of a button, sit up. Sommeil Davantage has 40 models (30-, 39-, 54- and 60-inch widths). Some give massages, others hug the wall or go back down if there is a loss of electricity. The showroom also features lifting chairs and massage chairs by Human Touch, Panasonic, iJoy, Tao and inada. Sommeil Davantage, 8777 Langelier, St. Leonard. 514-355-5333,

Is Dad having vision or hearing problems?

Ultravision specializes in low-vision and hearing-impaired products. It doesn’t sound like a place you might want to browse through, but some of the gadgets are truly cool.

How about a phone that announces the name of the caller or one that calls six numbers in an emergency situation, a talking clock or watch, a computer keyboard with larger letters, a TV screen enlarger or TV ears for personal amplifying, a vibrating clock, wearable binoculars, magnifying makeup mirror, a personal listening system for people who are unable or hesitant about wearing a hearing aid, lens to cut computer glare and video magnifiers (CCTV).

Here’s something we all could use: a bed, La-Z-Boy, armchair table that can be adjusted to hold books or for games, crosswords, laptops or meals and a push-button automatic jar opener.

Ultravision, 5645 Côte des Neiges at Côte Ste. Catherine. 514-344-3988.



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