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Letters to the editor

June, 2010

I would like to thank you for the wonderful, encouraging article you wrote about Linda Turner and Cangrands. It sure told it like it is. There are more of us out there who are raising our grands than society would care to admit.

—Denise Morris, Seaforth Ont.

I would like to thank you for the article featuring Linda Turner, who is raising her two grandchildren.

It was nice to see her picture as well. I still get emails for the chapter leaders and I follow their progress though my grandson, who I have raised since the age of 16 and who is now almost 23.

Betty Cornelius, founder of Cangrands, devotes an unbelievable amount of time to this organization and it is important to know that she does this strictly on a volunteer basis – no salary, no perks!

I truly wish that some people who donate out of the country to such organizations as African Grannies would look at this organization when thinking about giving.

No money goes to administrative costs or advertising and the summer camp is a break for both the caregivers and the children. It is also a time to learn as speakers and workshops for the caregiver are both informative and apply to their needs.

For the caregivers, it has been pointed out that they basically abandon their social lives, as raising children does not fit into the activities of many of their friends.

For those caring for more than one child, I truly admire their strength and love.

Thanks you for informing many seniors and others of this group.

—Gail McDowel

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That was an excellently written article. —Big hugs from Cangrands.

Thank you so much for the article re: Linda Turner grandparenting her granddaughters. There are more of us than most realize. We all have our struggles and rewards in this role we had not really planned for our future.

It is important to tell these stories to help us as a group make people/government aware of this tear in the fabric of our society. Grands raising babies with and without physical, emotional and psychological challenges need support.

—Margaret C. Kavanagh, 56-year-old custodial grand- parent of Ryan, 2, and Walker, 6.

ERRATUM: An incorrect address appeared in the Cangrands article published in May. The group meets at 6350 Terrebonne. The Senior Times regrets the error.



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