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Imagine a Father’s Day with no returns, exchanges

June, 2010

Fathers’ and Grandfathers’ Day is upon us.

It’s funny how Father’s Day follows Mother’s Day. I wonder how that was decided. Maybe one year we should have Father’s Day first, to switch things up. Better still, what about Children’s Day, which, as a kid, I was not too subtly reminded was every day. This year, I propose something completely dif- ferent. No more sweaters, shirts, socks and ties that might not see the light of day. Imagine how many fewer returns and exchanges there would be worldwide.

Imagine not having to fret between buying a large and an extra large when Dad thinks he looks great in medium. This year, take back Father’s Day.

Start a new hobby. Take a flying lesson or go hang gliding. If speed does not do it for you, go up in a hot air balloon. If you like thrills, ride a roller-coaster with your grandchildren. Take a fast car out on the track. Buy the Porsche or Corvette you always wanted. So what if the wind doesn’t blow your hair around any more? Just make sure you wear a hat.

If machines are not for you, train and run a marathon, take a yoga class, meditate, try out your material at a local comedy club. Take in a festival you have never done before like the Jazz or Just For Laughs. Take a walk up Mount Royal, explore Île St Hélène. Go dancing.

If exotic appeals to you, take the kids and grand-kids on a cruise. Imagine the joy in having everyone together. Take a European tour and, if on a budget, stay at Elder hostels. Go somewhere you have always dreamed about.

Walk with an extra spring in your step with your head up. Smile, be cheerful. Spoil your grandchil- dren, but most of all spoil yourself.

So to all fathers and grandfathers, enjoy the day. Go a little wild and for goodness sakes, when the restaurant bill comes, pass it to someone else.



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