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Flower artist still blossoming

May, 2010

For Phyllis Nashen, a longtime Côte St. Luc resident, art has always been essential.

Nashen studied oil painting under the tutelage of Herman Heimlich in 1965. And for the next 15 years, she took classes with Seymour Segal and Chaki at the Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts.

Phyllis Nashen puts the finishing touches on a painting for her art exhibit. Photo: Sid Birns

In 1980, her decision to study water colour with Rita Briansky brought out her passion for art and painting. Currently, she studies with Myrna Brooks Bercovitch, delving into abstract realism. When she is at her easel, she is lost in the emotion of the subject and forgets to eat, she says. She considers painting a form of therapy and is at her easel nearly every day. She has developed her own style and uses bright colours. She paints a flower in all her paintings, like a signature.

Phyllis Nashen exhibits her work at the Eleanor London Côte-St.-Luc Public Library until June 6.



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