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Country camp offers respite to parents, nourishment for children

May, 2010

Mother: a source of nurturing, support and love.

Mothers nurture their offspring from newborn to beyond. Memories of my own dear mother are even more precious as the years fly by, since regrettably she passed away. In yesteryear, our mothers waited for us to come home from school each day, greeted us with hugs, milk and cookies, tracked our schoolwork and friends, served us home-cooked meals and did so much more.

It isn’t feasible to conclude which way is better for society, whether to work outside the home or to stay at home. Enterprising modern mothers spend meaningful time with their children; moms can work at home as entrepreneurs or elect to be employees on flexible schedules. Daycare is available, and moms can pool resources.

There are, tragically, children without mothers, orphans who are cared for by social services in group homes, hospitals or in foster homes. A parent may be going through tough times emotionally and physically and usually it is for a lengthy period of time, perhaps permanently. With proper community support, many of these children can and do grow up to be successful and outstanding citizens.

Adrian and I recall a visit with children at a school for youth at risk where, at the table, there was a ritual of children saying: “Today I am thankful for …”

Camp Amy Molson is a home away from home for 5-to-14-year-olds in the fresh country air. Photo: Courtesy of Laura Litvack and Camp Amy Molson.

There was no doubt that their mothers were the objects of their affection. We agonized about their future but remained hopeful. Their situation could improve with the dedication of teachers, social workers, doctors and other professionals who continue to give the children encouragement and guidance each day. Generations Foundation is helping mothers (and fathers) enrich their children’s lives. Children at risk are referred to us for summer camp by professionals and registration is under way at Generations Foundation, Camp Amy Molson and Trails End Camps for kids from 5 to 14 years old.

Summer camp is a home away from home for two weeks. Their “heroes” are creative and energetic counselors, swimming instructors, animators and camp directors. Parents and their children have chances to renew their love for each other and appreciate each other more after a sojourn at country camp. Is there a better way for children to learn and play in the fresh country air, cared for in smaller groups by talented young adults who can inspire these energetic children?

Should anyone wish to sponsor a child this summer, please call us at 514-933-8585.



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