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On call to help children find their niche

April, 2010

Adrian and I often hear from our son and daughter-in-law that our seven-year-old granddaughter is learning a new skill. First there was ballet, then jazz ballet. She plays soccer, swims, skates, and is learning piano and violin and how to use a computer. She loves to draw – a talent inherited from her great-grandmother and encouraged by our son and daughter-in-law.

How does a young person absorb so much in such a short time? When does she have any down time? Is there any pressure is to be better, to know more than her peers? But we have come to believe that she is truly enjoying the learning process. The old adage rings true: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Allion School celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with Generations Foundation.

Generations Foundation is following that adage in helping kids and teens to find their niche, their talents. It begins with a phone call, a request to support a breakfast program, an afterschool basketball game, homework assistance, a trip to the library, an afterschool cooking class, summer camp for children with learning disabilities – Generations Foundation is on call to nourish busy kids with food for energy to learn.

We support the experiences that round out the child and teenager. Whatever kids can do, Generations Foundation is with them every step of the way! There is no looking backward – only forward.

We should do all we can to encourage our children. Our reward is happier children and teenagers, which will result in happier adults because they have taken opportunities to build their lives.

There is much to do and to learn. Let’s do whatever we can to engage and motivate our children.

Everyone will be smiling.



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