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Céad Mile Failteto to every helping hand, from the children to us

March, 2010

Many of us are in unison with the Irish, particularly on St. Patrick’s Day and Generations is no exception.

Our association with the Irish was solidified in 1999, when Adrian Bercovici received an urgent phone call from Walter Lyng, who was then the principal of St. Gabriel School.

He needed help ensuring his students had a nutritious meal at lunchtime. “Empty stomachs cannot learn” he said.

We met with concerned individuals and researched the community of Point St. Charles.

As a result, Generations Foundation became an entity that functioned from our basement with the use of a van for deliveries. Feeding children was our No. 1 priority. We transported hot meals to the students at St. Gabriel School, which has a large proportion of Irish students.

Irish history is abundant in the Point and surrounding communities. Many a St. Patrick’s Day has seen Adrian and I enjoying Irish concerts and Irish dancing, meeting with Father McCrory and Sister Diane of St. Gabriel’s Church, principals, teachers and other dignitaries in celebration. Generations Foundation entered a float in the St. Patrick’s Parade with St. Gabriel children on board on several occasions and won first prize the first time out!

Many of the children have grown and are pursuing their education at other schools. The new students are of diverse ethnic origins. Through the years, we have expanded our services to include the other areas of Montreal and vicinity.

Generations continues to provide hot meals to St. Gabriel School as well as snacks to the after-school homework/activity programs at St. Columba House and the YMCA in Point St. Charles. Generations sponsors children who want to attend summer camp in the country.

We meet with such caring individuals as Father John Walsh, Father Joe Sullivan and other people from the St. Patrick’s Society, St. Patrick’s Foundation, Pillars Trust, United Irish Societies and Catholic Community Services. To the many other endearing Irishmen and Irishwomen we know and to those we will meet, let us say: “Céad Mile Failte!” (A hundred thousand welcomes!)

Congratulations to Adrian Berco­vici, the 2010 Recipient of the Simon McDonaugh Humanitarian Award. We’ll see you at the St. Patrick’s Parade on March 14!



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