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With children, love is ground zero for change

Love makes all the difference.

Chocolate hearts and lingerie! Let me dispel the notion that February is mainly for lovers! Some of us may recall an incident when we felt ignored, unloved or even unwanted. As children, there may have been nights when we went to sleep without the words “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bugs bite.” There may have been school mates who did not want to play with us because they perceived us as different.

Teacher, Rebecca Blinik and her students during Cook It Up

Too many sad days and lonely nights occur for children and teenagers who do not receive a kind word or an affectionate hug from family or friends. Alternately, what a difference your concern and compassion – and three little words: “I love you” – can make in their lives and your own. To make matters worse, some Montreal children go to sleep hungry and arrive at school hungry. Their parents may face financial or emotional crises. As a result, the children’s needs are forgotten and teachers may find them lethargic, unreceptive or asleep at their desks. Some teachers even bring snacks for them at times, so they welcome Generations Foundation’s role to alleviate this situation. In one high school, the principal saw a student alone in the corner at recess and asked: “Are you hungry?” The student admitted sadly: “Yes, sir, I am.” He had eaten his snack for breakfast.

At cooking classes, the students will eat their cooked creation before heading home because there is no home-cooked supper or there isn’t enough for the whole family.

Generations maintains that with proper care and nourishment, these students will not only survive, they will thrive. Compassionate people and their love of children can help Generations do what must be done each day throughout the school year: To be there with nutritious breakfasts, hot meals and quality snacks. Beyond the school year, we sponsor hundreds of school-age children to experience summer camp in the country.

With your love and understanding, we can see the promise of tomorrow. Think of those three little words and say them: “I love you!”

P.S. Good news! Just in! We want to congratulate Dominic, a “Cook it Up” student, for his new position as a part-time cook at Loblaws.



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