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All generations prepare for the holiday season

December, 2009

The realities of our new economic situation mean food and fuel prices are constantly increasing, there is a rise in the number of children needing basic necessities, and a proportional rise in requests for aid. Generations Foundation staff and volunteers are poised to provide cheer – today, tomorrow and especially at Christmas.

Adrian, Natalie and Westmount High students at last month’s Holiday Benefit Breakfast at Buffet La Stanza

We shop carefully to maximize purchasing power. We watch for sales so that we can fill our orders for breakfast, lunch and snacks to over 6,500 children in 72 schools and learning centres. This helps families on fixed incomes who worry about the next meal, about whether or not they will have enough money to pay the rent, and about finding the resources to buy winter clothing for their children. Our phones are ringing off the hook with requests for turkeys. Meanwhile, volunteers do an amazing job of planning Christmas lunch at the schools, and donors have supplied us with four new freezers and a forklift to hoist items to the second floor.

We welcome donations of food items to ensure our pantry is well stocked with such holiday items as turkeys, cranberry sauce, stuffing, gravy, vegetables, fruit, meats, Christmas cakes and egg nog as well as canned salmon, tuna, pasta, sauces and juice.

Volunteers have transformed our boardroom into Santa’s workshop to ensure there are plenty of toys to go around. Volunteers have been busy wrapping them for delivery to schools and other learning centres, churches and synagogues. They also help wrap food baskets.

Board members and police officers deliver these baskets to needy families and group homes for children who might not otherwise receive any gifts. American Women held a gathering at our location to bring lovely gifts for intellectually and physically challenged children.

Lower Canada College students prepared our food orders for delivery to the schools we serve. The students also folded letters and stuffed envelopes for our winter campaign.

Throughout the year, board members and entrepreneurs pitch in to donate their time and expertise in fundraising projects.

LCC student volunteers wrap toys

Our knitters creatively outdo each other with beautiful hand-made knitted clothing and lap blankets to keep the children warm. We are grateful to all of you. Adrian and I cannot wait to see the children’s smiles and excitement when we visit the schools and centres.

What is needed most at this time is to satisfy hunger, to fill hearts and minds with joy, hope and encouragement for the future.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!



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