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Theatre yet to come

October, 2009

In October, the season bursts upon us with some fascinating offerings.

Centaur Theatre is guaranteed sell-out nights from October 6 to November 1 with In Piazza San Domenico by Steve Galluccio, a Montreal Fringe baby who has hit the big time with the Centaur’s Mambo Italiano. Piazza is set in Naples in 1952 and promises to be another hit.

Centaur is also launching a darker piece called Rock, Paper, Jackknife in its smaller space from October 6 to 17. It involves stowaways washing up on Quebec’s shores and features several of Montreal’s fine young actors. Info: or 514-288-1229.

Theatre Ste. Catherine is balancing its usual improvs with a dark play by Irish writer Martin McDonagh, called Pillowman about child murders aping a short story series. Running from October 21 to 31, it ties in with the Halloween spirit. Info: or 514-284-3939

Paul Van Dyck produces and performs a chilling Poltergeist drama called Haunted from October 21-31, at St. James United Church, with top local actors. Do not confuse our Paul with the rock musician, Paul Van Dyk (no “c”) who has a hit song called The Haunted.



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