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Discover your potential at Segal Centre's Academy

For those who have always wanted to sing, dance or play a musical instrument but never had the chance, the Segal Centre for Performing Arts is offering adult-only courses. The mission of the Centre is to entertain, educate and stimulate.

“If you would like to explore a new facet of yourself, then this is the place for you,” says Gisele Rucker, director of the Academy, the educational arm of the Segal Centre. The classes, which are based on skill level, are given in a comfortable setting.

A variety of music courses are offered. “Music for Monotones with Fran Avni, is perfect for adults who have no tonal awareness,” Rucker explains. Avni, singer, songwriter, producer, can create music with anyone, Rucker says.

John Gilbert, one of the premier musical directors in Canada, according to Rucker, will teach Who WroteThat Song?, a six week class. The Segal Centre employs “artists who teach,” not art teachers.

“We do it. We don’t talk about it,” Rucker says with a smile. “If you join Gilbert’s class, don’t be afraid to sing along.” If singing isn’t your forte, many other classes are offered.

Photos courtosy of the Segal Centre

Not all are as hands on. Jewish Life Through Music is a historical and theoretical course that covers Jewish music from the Renaissance to the present. “The sessions offer guided listening to the mosaic of Jewish composers,” Rucker says. For amateur musicians looking to join a group, the Segal Centre Concert Band is open to instrumentalists of all levels. The Home Technology Workshop is geared to those who are afraid to go near a computer, Rucker says. “This course covers the gadgets, the lingo and everything else you need to survive the current technological onslaught.”

For people who love to take videos but don’t know how to edit, MediaWorkshop offers a beginner level program on editing called Final Cut Pro. The Academy is developing a series of courses called ‘So You’ve Always Wanted to …’

Rucker hopes to announce these courses soon: ‘So you’ve always wanted to tap dance’ with Ethel Bruno, a renowned tap dance teacher. ‘So You’ve Always Wanted to Juggle’ is being developed and will be scheduled if enough interest is shown.

“We’ve expanded our adult courses in hopes of allowing everyone access to our center of discovery,” Rucker says. “Now, adults who never explored or discovered certain aspects of themselves, can.”

Courses at the Academy begin October 6 and run until the week of December 16. Registration has been extended until October 24. Prices range from $130 to $160. Info: segalcentre.orgg or 514-739-2301, ext. 8321



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