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Steeldrums: more than just fun

Playing the steeldrum is an ideal form of music therapy because it keeps you mentally alert and maintains digital dexterity.

Savoys Steelband workshop is a non-profit organization whose mission is to teach the techniques of playing the steeldrum, an instrument that was invented in Trinidad and Tobago in 1939.

Their focus is to introduce the steeldrum to seniors. They have grown from four students to 14 in the past nine years.

As a consequence they don’t have sufficient steeldrums for all of their students.

To raise funds to buy more of these expensive instruments they will perform Sunday June 14, at Theatre Du Grand Sault, 7644 Edouard at 6:30 pm. Admission: $5 donation. The seniors will be up against a group of young steelband players at this event.

Info: 514-595- 7187



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