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Time to shine the spotlight on some of Sun Youth’s stars

Sun Youth’s team of regular volunteers. Click image for larger version. Photo: Nicolas Carpentier

May, 2009

From its beginnings in 1954, Sun Youth Organization has been shaped by its volunteers, eventually evolving into what it is today. From the young boys who created the Clark Street Sun, the handwritten newspaper that started it all, to the hundreds of people who offer their invaluable support through Sun Youth’s many assistance programs, volunteers have been making things happen for over 50 years.

To commemorate National Volunteer Week (April 19 to 25) Sun Youth held a casino themed volunteer recognition ceremony on April 24. The red carpet was rolled out for the Sun Youth stars – all those volunteers who give of themselves on a regular basis. There are so many that we couldn’t possibly mention all of them, but here are a few of the stars who make Sun Youth what it is:

Freda Kopyto has been volunteering at Sun Youth four to five days a week for 13 years. She is on the front lines, greeting people as they come in to get emergency food assistance. She takes care of seniors, children, single parents and families, treating them all with the dignity they deserve.

Sister Suzanne Lachapelle has volunteered for Sun Youth for nearly four years. She works two days a week, greeting clients who come in for food assistance, entering data in the computer system and doing other office work. At 79 years old she is a tough act to follow!

Tom Stewart

Tom Stewart has been a volunteer for Sun Youth’s football program since 1985. He is a manager of the midget team and he takes pictures at various other Sun Youth sports events. Stewart also devotes a lot of his time to the Quebec Midget Football League. He really takes the youth to heart.

Jeanne Fournier has donated her time to Sun Youth for 15 years. She, along with other volunteers, receives donations of used clothing and sorts them out for people seeking clothing assistance. She is a full-time volunteer who always has a smile for those in need.

Léonce Simard volunteers at the Sun Youth warehouse 20 hours a week. He has been with the organization for 10 years. He and other essential volunteers are responsible for sorting through food donations and preparing the food hampers Sun Youth distributes. He is proud to say he is about to start his 11th year.

Marie Cayer is the president of the Sun Youth Seniors Club, a position she has held for three years. She takes care of the members, organizing outings and activities for them. The club is self-funded and gets its financing from such events as dinners, bingo games and bazaars. Marie reminds us that the next Seniors Club Bazaar will be held at Sun Youth (4251 St. Urbain) on Friday, May 8. Bargain hunters are welcome from 10 am to 3:30 pm.

Sun Youth would like to thank all of its volunteers for the great work they do. If you wish to become a volunteer at Sun Youth, contact Lyne Chartier at 514-842-6822.



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