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Sun Youth teams up with the Montreal Police

Sun Youth’s new partner in crime… prevention! The Montreal Police’s new mascot Flik! surrounded by Inspector Sylvain Lemay, Nina McGregor, Director of Sun Youth’s Crime Prevention Helio Galego and Polinours, the former SPVM mascot.

Since its inception in 1954, Sun Youth has always worked hand in hand with the Montreal Police to make our community safer for everyone, young and old alike. In 1984 our organization started its Bike Patrol Unit, comprised of 6 patrollers working with the officers of one single station, the old Montreal Police Station 17 (which has since then become the Firefighters museum).

Now 24 years later, 30 patrollers will once again act as the eyes and ears of the Montreal Police in the city’s parks and playgrounds, on bike paths and on main streets. Throughout Montreal Island, patrollers will work in teams of two, with each team assigned to a different neighbourhood police station in a total of 11 districts. For 6 of the patrollers, whose ages range from 14 to 17, this will be their first working experience. Hired as part of the “Teens on Patrol” unit, each will be paired with a senior patroller in a mentor-to-tutor relationship.

The entire crew will be introduced to the public on June 4th at the official swearing in ceremony. Distinguished guests will be in attendance, including Inspector Marco Carriera and Commander Alain Larivière, as well as govern­ment representatives and city officials. Prior to the ceremony, patrollers will receive CPR training and a bicycle safety course from a longtime partner of Sun Youth, Sergeant Pascal Richard.

The Sun Youth patrollers will be supporting the 100 members of the Montreal Police Bicycle Patrol. In this photo: our patrollers surrounded by Agent Cédric Lafrenière (left) and Sergeant Pascal Richard (right).

For the second summer in a row, the Sun Youth bike patrol will work in partnership with the CN Police to evaluate the number of people crossing over the CN railway outside of designated areas, a dangerous behavior that CN Police officers are trying to eliminate. Bike patrollers will also have a mandate to keep a close watch for people using their wireless phones without hands-free devices while driving. As of July 1 this will carry a $115 fine plus a penalty of three license demerit points.

Throughout summer the patrol will represent Sun Youth at many public events. Génie Vélo, a series of bike safety workshops for children, will be presented in association with the Montreal Police, with Sun Youth patrollers taking part in different crime prevention projects.

Patrollers Vanessa Di Tullio (left) and Rubens Ernest (right) pose alongside Montreal Police Chief Yvan Delorme at an event highlighting National Police Week.

As in past years, the Bike Patrol will pay special attention to senior citizens. Visits will be made to residential and long term care centers, bringing company and conversation to residents. During heat waves, the patrollers will give advice to seniors on how to stay cool. Patrollers will also be dispensing home safety tips.

Sun Youth and the Montreal Police recently introduced a new member of the Force. His name is Flik! and he is the new mascot of the SPVM. He is replacing the former mascot, his father Polinours, who is retiring after 30 years of loyal service. The name of this new furry friend was chosen in a contest won by 9-year-old Nina McGregor, a student from the Gerald McShane School in Montreal-North. She has been rewarded by Sun Youth with a brand new fully-equipped mountain bike, in addition to being named Police Officer for a Day. As for our patrollers, they will once again be using Schwinn bicycles donated by Dorel Industries. All patrollers are equipped with a first aid kit, blanket and Sun Youth teddy bears. Each team is also equipped with walkie-talkies to communicate with the Sun Youth headquarters and with one another. The Sun Youth Bike Patrol will be active until August 15.



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