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Food, food and more food. These are stores that deliver

December 2011

Despite the festive season, the return of winter can be viewed with dread when seen as a barrier to the outside world.

Seniors who are independent and live perfectly well on their own sometimes find themselves thinking twice before venturing outside into the slippery ice and snow. The biggest headache is what to do when you run out of essential food items on a blustery day.

It is not easy to find grocery stores that will accept telephone orders, because by the time the truck, gas, delivery person and clerk who selects the order are paid, the store might lose money.

Here is a list of stores who will accept telephone orders and deliver it to your home the same or the next day. There might be a minimum amount you will have to buy, usually around $40, and the service may not be offered every day.

But the convenience and safety of shopping by telephone is well worth the delivery charge.

 Côte St. Luc and western NDG: Caldwell Provisions, 514-481-0365.

 Westmount, (up to Atwater), St. Henri, eastern N.D.G.: Clifton Provision Market,


 Some areas of Montreal West, N.D.G., Côte St. Luc: Esposito, 514-483-1436.

 Verdun IGA, Supermarché Denis Deschenes: Thursday and Friday, 514-766-7540.

 West of Peel, Westmount,
St. Henri, C.D.N.: PA du Fort: before 2pm, 514-932-0922.

 Plateau, Mile End: PA du Parc: 514-273-8782.

 St. Laurent, Metro Côte Vertu: mornings, 514-747-3145.

 C.D.N.: Marché du Village:

 Pierrefonds, Pointe Claire, D.D.O.: Supermarché Mourelatos: 514-620-4200.

 Ville Marie: IGA Sauro,

 La Salle: Metro Dollard, Tuesday, 514-364-3492.

 Laval: PA Samson,



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