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Alice Returns to Geordie

Alain Goulem, Deena Aziz and Glenda Braganza from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland will appear in Geordie’s upcoming Alice Through the Looking Glass. Photo: David Babcock

Lewis Carroll’s delightful story about a little girl and her magical world, adapted by Harry Standjovski, continues to weave its web of wonder at Geordie Productions. Alice Through the Looking Glass takes up where Geordie’s 2006 production of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland left off, reuniting many of the same actors and designers.

This hilarious and elaborate stage production of the classic story features some of Montreal’s best known actors and award-winning designers and promises to bring audiences to an even wilder Wonderland than before.

Alice Through the Looking Glass runs from May 1-10. Info: 514-845-9810



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