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An odd love story at the Segal

March 2009

The Leanor and Alvin Segal centre presents Tryst, a romantic drama featuring a combination of seduction, intrigue, greed, deception and humour.

“I was spellbound when I saw Tryst performed in New York City, so I felt compelled to produce the play,” said Bryna Wasserman, artistic and executive director of the Segal Centre.

Tryst is the story of an aging playboy, George Love, who makes his living by seeking out desperate, love-starved spinsters. Once the marriages are consummated he takes off with their possessions. The play is about his latest conquest, a drab seamstress, who works in a Victorian London hat shop. She falls for his subterfuge at first, but then the plot takes on unexpected emotional twists and turns.

“Tryst is a love story of the oddest sort,” said director Diana Leblanc. “They are both such desperate people.” C. David Johnson, who has played the role of Chuck Tchobanian on the CBC television series Street Legal, will play George Love. Michelle Giroux will play Adelaide.

Tryst is at 5170 Côte Ste. Catherine from March 8 to 29. For information on tickets and times, call 514-790- 1245 or visit



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